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Mar 12, 2013 8:00pm EDT
of plant management and customer service. the obama administration is in charge of the i.t. network required for all that. >> how will this affect cost were states on average? >> it is unclear. there is money and they forgo care act for that. some of that is impacted by sequestration. everyone is convinced that the obama administration will make sure that there is money to set off the exchanges, regardless of the impact of sequestration. >> where are we in the process? sequestration is happening now. but as far as one exchanges have to be set up, there have been several deadlines that have been put in place. >> some are several months away. but in terms of the forgo care act, it turns exchanges need to be running october 1, in order to be in compliance. there are a lot of questions as whether they will be ready in time to get those complex i.t. networks in place in time and whether states that have held out for for where they want to do will have enough time. >> any chance they will be able to get some sort of delay or exemption from the federal government? >> they haven't had expli
Mar 14, 2013 8:00pm EDT
. but by then the whole philosophy of the obama administration is that it's going to be too late. so now is the opportunity that we are going to be hearing from our panelists. and each of us will present a little bit of a different perspective on the panel. about what happened that night and then i will have some q&a interaction with it and we will see even if we cannot -- even if we cannot answer the questions for you, perhaps we can help people to understand what are the right questions so that someday whether it be a presidential candidate or a cnn moderator, or senators having dinner with the president, maybe somebody can come up with the right questions to ask about benghazi and then hope and pray that someday we will get the proper answers. let me turn to time over to our panel is to remarks. roger. >> thank you very much congressman. hold your applause. thank you very much. somebody paying attention. let me begin by making a very stark appraisal of what we learned from and ghazi. let me just ask you to remember the famous commercials during the 2008 campaign about the 3:00 a.m. ph
Mar 15, 2013 8:00pm EDT
about motivate the obama administration for going to what is called the dark side? >> you know, power tends to corrupt. it doesn't mean that well. but absolute power clearly corrupts, absolute even though history would say it is a temporary condition and freedom ultimately prevails, we have had some very dark chapters in human history, particularly in the 20th century. when you are being given secret information, there is a success goodness that comes with that knowledge because it is secret. what can i do it that? how can i use it? and i am holding this. then i get to say who i can share it with or not. i get to say who authorizes it or had access to it. but i am holding this in secret. the national security act of 1947, subsequent administrations had been not just reluctant to give up powers by a previous administration, but they have extended it. they want more. you can never get enough. this whole thing, all of the speed of the filibuster, especially one standing there in the senate, harking back to mr. smith goes to washington. you will get beyond what is at stake and there are s
Mar 18, 2013 8:30pm EDT
papers, strategic reports prepared just for the beginning of this new administration. whenoff depart you can pick up the document obama 2 and the middle east. strategic objectives for u.s. policy. jointly authored by two of the foremost thinkers about middle east policy and we're provide both of them are here at the washington institute. ambassador dennis roth, and ambassador james jeffrey. ambassador roth served throughout most of the first term, first in the state department and then in the white house, with responsibility for overseeing all the national security council work in the middle east. ambassador jeffrey, jim jeffrey, complete his distinguished service in the diplomatic corps last year after having served as ambassador in turkey and in iraq, and albania, and as the deputy national security adviser in the bush administration, in which he played a special role in addressing the iraq question. so we brought these two highly experienced, strategic thinkers and policy practitioners together, to produce a policy paper for the obama administration, and we urge all of you to pick up
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4